Reasons To Fall In Love With JavaScript: Meet Aframe.js

Elle D
2 min readFeb 15, 2021


With there being sooooo many coding languages in the world how do you decide which one is best to start learning? And IF you were to ask this question to about 20 people, you will get different answers. You might even get 20 different responses!

The first language I learned was Ruby which is an object oriented programming language (aka OOP). But the next language I learned I completely fell in love with and that’s JavaScript. So in honor of Valentines Day, I am gonna talk about one of the many reasons I love this language.😍

Like most coding languages, they are birthed from an existing language which they borrows pieces from and come up with a whole new language.(Shoutout to Brendan Eich! You the real MVP!)

I would describe JavaScript as the fun uncle. Not too many rules to follow (compared to Python, in my opinion) and you can sort of do what you want. And that could be a good AND bad thing. But we will leave the topic of rules for JS for another blog.

While this article is not meant to dive into the nuances of JavaScript, one of the reasons that I really like the language is because of the different librarys’ that JavaScript has to offer.

Today ,we will be highlighting a library called Aframe.js and some of the basics.

This library gives you the ability to create 3-D projects. Check out this video as I cover some of the basics of Aframe while building a mini solar system.

Here is a link to the 👉🏿 Aframe Library:

I hope you enjoyed this video, and as always be on the look out for more content from me. Happy coding ya’ll 😜!!!